Accurus® Surgical System

About ACCURUS® Surgical Systems

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

ACCURUS® Surgical System Offers You Complete Control at Your Fingertips

The ACCURUS® Surgical System XS4 with 3D Technology not only provides the most control of any surgical system, it's also easy to use.

All features and controls can be accessed through the icon-driven surgery screen. Simply touch an icon, and you have instant control. A wireless remote control is also available to control functions. Voice confirmation assures you are in control. Surgeon programmability allows you the option to customize your parameter presets for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Digital Infusion Pressure and Irrigation Pressure

  • Provides fast response to increase or decrease IOP
  • Surgeon controlled pressurized infusion provides chamber stability

Fluid/Air Exchange

  • Digital control of air pressure for precise Fluid/Air exchange


  • Available from the foot pedal anytime, even during U/S tuning


  • The ACCURUS® Xenon Illuminator provides unbiased color contrast for improved visibility during surgery
  • Dual high-intensity illuminators provide the color and power needed for the most demanding surgeries

Vitrectomy Technology

  • Touching the Vit icon provides you a quick menu from which to select either the Proportional Vacuum, Momentary, or 3D Technology modes


  • The Frag icon allows you to select four different fragmentation modes
    • 3D Frag provides simultaneous control of power and vacuum
    • Linear Frag
    • Fixed Frag
    • Momentary Frag
  • Pulsed Frag is available in all modes except 3D


  • Press the Scissors icon and you can select Proportional, Multi-cut, or MPC modes
  • Vacuum assist for tissue manipulation is available in MPC and Multi-cut scissors modes


  • The Extrude icon gives you the option of three different extrusion vacuum settings: High, Medium, and Low

Viscous Fluid Control

  • Touch the Viscous Fluid Controller (VFC) icon and choose whether you want to inject or extract viscous fluids

Wireless Remote Control

  • Provides convenient access to important surgical modes for selection and parameter adjustment