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LIO AT (Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope Advanced Technology)

The new LIO AT incorporates Advanced Technology in a high-quality, lightweight (1.22 lbs.; 553.39 g), balanced and multi-adjustable laser indirect ophthalmoscope.

The LIO AT was designed on the sophisticated HEINE* Omega-180 optical platform for excellent visualization and clarity.

Unique multiple spot sizes provide for improved control of burn size and power density, providing the surgeon with the ability to customize burns for specific applications. The standard spot is excellent for pan-retinal photocoagulation, while the micro spot is convenient for sealing breaks, enhanced penetration in hazy media, lightly pigmented patients, or for treatments in close proximity to the macula and on the extreme peripheral retina.

Two illumination spot sizes are available to accommodate all patient pupil sizes. The wide-angle illumination spot converges at a sharper angle as it enters the pupil for a wider field of illumination. The small illumination spot is the recommended initial setting.

The Patient Pupil Adjustment provides optimized viewing for both typical and smaller pupils, with maximizing stereopsis.

The LIO AT's co-axial design has a zero convergence angle between illumination and laser beams, unlike other LIOs. The result is easy targeting, even in smaller pupils.

Independent vertical adjustment of a laser spot within illumination beam and coupled adjustment of laser spot and illumination beam allow for improved targeting with reduced glare.

Slit Lamps & Adaptations

A slit lamp assembly is typically used to deliver the EYELITE® Photocoagulator laser treatment beam to the patient's eye. An adaptation, mounted on the slit lamp, is required to interface the slit lamp to the EYELITE® laser.

The adaptation consists of a zoom assembly with micromanipulator and a Doctor's Filter. The Doctor's Filter provides eye protection for the physician. The parfocal zoom assembly is used to set the spot size of the aiming and treatment beams, and a micromanipulator is provided for fine adjustment of the beam position.

Slit lamps and their adaptation accessories are listed in the table below:

Alcon® SL 1000 (806574982) CSO Alcon SL 1000
View Image
Alcon SL 1000 Adaptation (8065741019)
Y Cable Kit Assembly Doctor's Filters (8065501701)
Zeiss 30SL Topcon or Nikon Alcon/Zeiss 30SL
View Image
Zeiss SL1000 Adaptation (8065741019)
Y Cable Kit Assembly Doctor's Filters (8065501701)
Zeiss SL 130 (8065501003) Topcon or Nikon Alcon/Zeiss SL 130
View Image
Zeiss SL 130 Adaptation (8065501003)
Haag-Streit 900 BM Haag-Streit Alcon/Haag-Streit 900 BM
View Image
Haag-Streit 900BM/Topcon SL3E Adaptation (8065501101)

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